GM was recently sued for alleged religious discrimination by a 43-year-old employee who works in Pontiac, MI. As reported from the Billings Gazette, "The automaker had denied his request to form a company-sponsored Christian group, similar to nine employee affinity groups for veterans, women, gay men and lesbians, disabled people and racial or ethnic minorities." The request was denied because GM has a blanket policy on religious or political groups of any kind, not just Christian.

One might argue that if the other nine employee affinity groups are allowed, then why not a Christian one.  All those groups have one thing in common, they are easily identified via gender, color, etc and have been discriminated against for years in society as well as the workplace. One might call bullshit on the veterans group, but no American company wants to come across as unpatriotic in the public eye. These "minorities" have made great strides and sacrifices to even the playing field and be afforded the same employment opportunities as everyone else.  That "everyone else" historically has meant white males, usually Christian too if I might add.  As for Christians, they blend in with everyone else, they can be black, white, veterans, disabled, female, and even gay (yes, they’re out there). So why this outrage over religion, especially Christianity? This reminds me of my 2-year-old son.  He’ll have no interest in a particular toy until some other child starts playing with it.  Then suddenly he is outraged that he can’t play with it and someone else is. Maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point.

His attorney explains it this way, "They’re going to be an interdenominational group.  They’re not going to be proselytizing, they’re not going to be putting any other religion down, they’re not going to be promoting their religion in the workplace. They just want the opportunity to meet on the same basis as everyone else is meeting." I can understand that, but they have no basis for their argument other than "we want it too. " Now I suppose that Christians could say they were discriminated against and thrown to the lions, but that was like 2000 years ago and in Rome.  But thanks to Emperor Constantine, there are churches all over Rome now and Christianity runs rampant like a plague.

Enjoy the success of your religion and stop pestering people. With ignorant stuff like this happening, it’s just another reason for a company to move overseas. Besides there are tons of meeting places throughout the city where many evangelical Christians congregate… they’re called churches!  I believe they hold weekly meetings every Sunday and many have live music and/or singing! They’re tax exempt and hold lots of land, thus raising property taxes in almost every community, but you don’t see me suing.

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