This has to be one of the more stunning news releases I have seen in awhile.  The Bangor News is reporting, "Demonstrating a divide among religious leaders, a Christian think tank on Thursday released a paper opposing a Nov. 8 ballot question that seeks repeal of the state’s new gay rights law."

This think tank, the Christian Policy Institute of Maine, is headed by state Rep. Stan Moody of Manchester, a Baptist minister.  It should come as no surprise that Moody is a Democrat.  He acknowledges that while some Christians believe homosexuality is a sin, they should still be afforded the same protections under the Maine Human Rights Act. He sums it up real nice by saying, "Let anyone among you who has not sinned cast the first ‘Yes’ vote."

Let’s hope this kind of common sense will spread throughout the Christian community. No matter what Christians feel the bible says with respects to homosexuality, we’re all human beings that were created equal and should be treated equal.

We here at Religous freaks give Stan Moody a big BOOYA!!  Keep up the good work my friend and freak on!!

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