Conservative Christians are angered at the American Girl doll company, but not because of the dolls themselves. According to MSNBC,  "unlike curvaceous Barbie or the tarted-up Bratz dolls, an American Girl doll, which comes with a whole book about who she is and the period of American history she hails from, teaches wholesome values." The problem lies in their affiliation with a nonprofit organization called Girls Inc which dates back to 1864 and has provided vital educational programs to millions of American girls, particularly those in high-risk, under-served areas. Confused? I sure was. It gets better! Conservative Christians were outraged to find that Girls Inc supports a woman’s right to choose and they have the audacity to counsel girls that feel they may be homosexual. Oh but this devilish organization takes it a step further and educates women on the proper usages of protection against pregnancy and disease.

This has sparked a nationwide grass roots effort amongst the Conservative Christian freaks to boycott American Girl dolls. Some Catholic schools have even cancelled fashion shows in which the kids dress up like the dolls. The Pro-Life Action League of Chicago is planning an anti-abortion rally outside a Chicago store the day after Thanksgiving. The list goes on and I’m sure there will be no end till after Christmas.

What I find most appalling here is how Christians can be so hypocritical when it comes to homosexuality. Jesus always preached acceptance and love of everyone since we’re all God’s children, blah blah blah. Why is it then that Christians hate homosexuals and won’t show them the same love and compassion that Jesus surely would? It’s just hatred with a healthy dose of ignorance, nothing more and nothing less. And if homosexuality is such an abomination, why didn’t God make it a commandment and clear things up? Now on the issue of abortion, I can just imagine seeing a bunch of kids faces when they go to the store after Thanksgiving only to be greeted by a bunch of crazy anti-abortion freaks holding the most disturbing signs. Yea, everyone knows an abortion ain’t pretty, but neither is the dump I took last-night… so do me a favor and keep it to yourself and I’ll do the same.

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