Classrooms in Glynn County Georgia are getting spruced up complements of Brunswick’s First Baptist Church. They are supplying every classroom in the county with posters reading, "In God We Trust". Local area Boy Scouts will do the dirty work of distributing and hanging the pictures.

"’In God We Trust’ is the national motto — it’s on every single dollar bill," said Debbie Brown of First Baptist Church. "It’s just important that our students understand, one, where our foundations are based, and, two, it’s connection to our country."

This is just another attempt at getting God in the classroom of public schools. Schools do a fine job educating kids about the history of the US… more so than any poster. If churches want to remind children of our religious foundation, then do so in church or at home, and just leave the rest of us alone. And another thing, the posters were a waste of money, since the phrase is already printed on each and every bill and coin. You could have just hung dollar bills on the wall or better yet, pennies.  Then take the left over money and feed the poor or something.

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