In Stockholm Sweden, the AP is reporting on a Pentecostal pastor who is playing defense in the Supreme Court after making fiery remarks during a sermon two years ago. Ake Green, 64, denounced homosexuality as a "cancerous tumor" saying gay sex was an abnormality on par with pedophilia. It gets better…

Green also warned that Sweden risked a natural disaster because of leniency toward gays. He also said gays were more likely than others to rape children and animals.

I’d like to know what all this natural disaster stuff is about. I seem to recall the Muslims saying Katrina was a punishment from God. Then Christians would say the earthquakes in Iran and Pakistan were caused by an angry God. And don’t forget the tsunami. I’m sure God did that as a punishment too for some reason. When is this madness gonna stop?

As for gays being more likely to rape children, that’s up for debate. But so far, many studies show that the rate amongst homosexuals is no higher than heterosexuals. And what about priests, pastors, and other clergyman? They seem to commit rape and molestation at an alarming rate. Just take a look at some examples for yourself. Whether or not it’s at a higher rate than the normal population is difficult to tell due to an abundance of secrecy. But no matter how you look at it, pedophilia, homosexuality, and rape are all too common in the church. Maybe they should take a real good look at themselves before viciously attacking others and spreading seeds of hatred.

UPDATE: It appears the Swedish chef pastor was cleared on all accounts.

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