I found this article on the BBC rather amusing. A young Muslim girl called Tamanna Rahman living in Britain explains how wearing the hijab (the towel thingie around the head) is a liberating experience. And after you read this you might want want to. Firstly, Tamanna cites the weather and how most heat loss occurs through the head. That’s where the hijab jumps in to action!

The headscarf is able to reduce that significantly – and in such a country as Britain where the weather is invariably cold and windy, not to mention wet, this is a great blessing, for which headscarf wearers all over the country are eternally grateful to a most foresighted God.

Good point I thought to myself until I remembered that the Muslims historically come from very warm climates. But I guess God knew they would end up in Britain.

She goes on to say how the hijab helps her maintain a modest appearance, as to not attract the wrong man. She feels that women who put tons of makeup on and wear slutty clothes attract bad types of guys. And with that said I agree with her to an extent. But when I see a woman wearing a hijab I assume that a) she’s Muslim and b) she would make a good obedient wife. Once again, don’t bother with hate mail. But seriously, I find it hard to respect a woman who doesn’t express herself in her own way. Wearing a hijab is like wearing a uniform. There’s no room for self expression. Thus the reason for wearing them in the first place. Obviously one can express themselves in other ways, but expressing oneself visually is natural. We all look different and have something to offer.

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