Debra Lafave, a 25-year-old female teacher, pleaded gulity to having sex with a 14-yr-old student today. This little vixen "took care" of her student in the classroom once and in a car while the kids 15-yr-old cousin drove them around. I wish I had teachers like this in school. By now, some of you are wondering why I even carried this story. Well to be honest it’s because she looks damn good, and I find the cross around her neck interesting as well. She’s a good Christian girl I bet. On a sidenote though, I found it shocking that she will serve no jail time, whereas this poor woman, gets 30 years! I’m not condoning sex with minors (although I would have considered myself blessed had Debra been my teacher), but 30 years for getting some highschoolers high and banging their brains out hardly seems to merit that amount of time. You can guarantee if she looked like the Debra, she would have received no jail time. You can bet on that. Or maybe Debra got off easy because she’s got the crucifix on :) You decide.

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