Douglas Harold, a graduate student in engineering science and mechanics concludes that humans are the product of Intelligent Design (ID) because the Sphinx obviously was a product of human ID. Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up. Harold says that anyone who looks at the Sphinx can instantly tell that it was man-made and not the result of some random process involving erosion. Furthermore he states that the first organism capable of reproducing would have been may times more complex, therefore obviously it must have been designed.

Ok, let’s go down this route and assume that there is a "designer". Then this designer must be a complex and intelligent being. Well Harold just stated that anything complex must have a designer. So by his own logic, who the hell designed the designer? Well obviously something intelligent. But who designed that designer? It can go on indefinitely. This theory lacks any form of substance and relies on the ignorance of humanity.

But to be fair, we haven’t proved how life came about, so technically it is possible that there is a designer. Then that would also mean that evolution is possible. The number of theories are infinite. What’s important is what we have learned through observation and experimentation. And that puts evolution in the lead. Until proponents of ID can show a single shred of evidence, it will always lag far behind evolution.

And remember, there is more evidence that Big Foot exists than there is of an Intelligent Designer.

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