Forty-two Christian groups have threatened Ford with a boycott, if they don’t immediately stop supporting homosexual groups. This includes future incentives that give cash to homosexual organizations based on the purchase of a vehicle and vehicle donations or endorsements to homosexual social activities. The group insists that Ford also pull its ads from gay websites and magazines. This battle has been going on since last spring with the Christians showing no signs of relenting.

This is just another fine example of hypocrisy amongst today’s Christians. For many years, Christians have complained about persecution from various groups, countries, and religions. They have positioned themselves as a target in this country, even though they are the vast majority and have the full support of the Whitehouse. How on Earth can a group who have  been persecuted in the past, take the same vengeance against a harmless group of individuals?

The group claims that homosexuals are degrading the American family. That’s amusing when you consider heterosexual marriage is a joke at best in this country. Just look at these statistics and these too. The American heterosexual family is troubled and I can’t see any reason why homosexuals would do any worse.

Now, I would really like some Christians to chime in on this one. I want to know why Christians don’t accept homosexuals and why they see them as immoral. And don’t think you can hide behind the bible on this one. If homosexuality was deemed such a sin, it would have been a commandment. Oh, and anal sex won’t fly as an argument either because there are many straight men who go that route with their girlfriend/wife. I really want you to think for yourself and give some concrete reasons. Any posts that are rife with blatant hatred will be removed.

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