The World Net Daily is reporting that an Italian judge has heard arguments today on whether a priest should stand trial for asserting that Jesus existed. At first I found this to be just another amusing story about Atheists causing trouble, but after dwelling on the idea for awhile I found it quite interesting.

If the Christian faith is knowingly founded on lies and decepetion, wouldn’t the Roman Catholic Church in this case be somewhat resposible for this? Look at how much money churches bring in from it’s followers and the tax exempt status that they have enjoyed for many years in the US and many other countries. If Jesus never existed or at least wasn’t the son of God, would that be fraudulent?

Just for a minute, imagine that the foundation of Christianity was proven to be nothing more than a fable. Taking it s step further, what if it were proven that there were coverups along the route to preserve this secret and maintain the church’s influence and power? What would the reprocussions be and how would the faithful react?

Obviously, this won’t happen anytime soon. However, I know many people like myself, believe that Christianity is nothing more than a man-made mechanism to establish power and influence over the masses. There have been many in the past and I’m sure more will come in the future.

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