The LA Times is reporting that a growing number of evangelical Christians are shifting focus from the typical pro-choice and gay marriage issues to other more vital interests. Ron Sider, president of Evangelicals for Social Action said,

"The typical image of evangelicals is that they’re concerned with the sanctity of life, the traditional family and that’s it — they buy the whole Republican agenda when they vote."

Sider is out to change that image by focusing the Christian army on issues like healthcare, poverty, the environment, and education (no, not Intelligent Design). Rev Jim Wallis, head of the advocacy group Sojourners, is another leader in this new movement. When it comes to gay marriage, Rev Wallis, says absolutely no, but welcomes civil unions. When asked about a woman’s right to choose, he finds it unacceptable, but not criminal. He just wants to move on to the real problems that plague humanity.

I must admit that I was shocked when I read this article, but very pleased. For once Christians may finally realize that topics such as homosexuality and a woman’s right to choose pale in comparison to poverty, healthcare, the environment, and education. Countless thousands if not millions die every year from starvation. Even more don’t have adequate healthcare. And vast numbers of poor people can’t afford a decent eduacation. And to top it all off, the environment is going down the tubes. Ask any of the people affected by these issues if they really care about two men or women getting married. Ask some impovrished mother in Africa who lost half her family to disease if she cares about a woman’s right to choose.

I’d like to hear what my Christian readers feel about this. Are we you wasting to much time and effort on gay marriage and pro-choice issues? What do you feel are the most important problems that we face today?

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