Hard-line Hindus lash out against Valentines Day  and warn young couples about getting too amorous. Activists of the Shiv Sena torched Valentines Day cards in a store as a warning to anyone who might celebrate the holiday. In the central city of Bhopal, dozens of sword-wielding Hindu activists used loudspeakers to ask couples to stay indoors on Tuesday. In the eastern state of Jharkhand, Hindu radicals have announced that they would patrol the streets of the capital, Ranchi, and force any couple found cozying up in public to get married.

Why all the fuss over a harmless holiday? It appears that many radical Hindus believe this "Western" holiday corrupts traditional values. While I will admit that this day has origins in the Catholics church, people from all walks of life and religions celebrate it in the US and abroad. It’s usually a day to spend a little special time with someone. It’s far more harmless than sword-wielding freaks threatening innocent people. This is yet another fine example of religion gone mad.

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