Over the last few weeks, Muslims have violently expressed their outrage over the now infamous Muhammed caricatures. Muslims the world over felt violated and persecuted because their beloved Prophet was the butt of a few jokes, which were loosely based on fact mind you. As the violence is starting to fade and the smoke clears, we are left with several dead, many more injured, and vast amounts of property destroyed. All of this over 12 cartoons. And in the end that’s all they really were. Offensive, yes. Unnecessary, probably. Threatening to Muslims, NO.

Now when I see an article like this and the video along with it, I have to wonder where are all the Muslims protesting this vile behavior towards the Jews? This video and its message is far more insulting to Muslims than any cartoon. Where are they? And if you’re wondering about my title, read the article and watch the video.

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