I just wanted to take a little time to say a few things….

First, the response to the 12 Muhammed Caricatures was overwhelming and eye opening! Unfortunately, some users have reported issues trying to view the page. I have tracked it down to Urchin which I use to monitor my web traffic. Until I can find a permanent fix, users who are experiencing this problem can just delete any cookies from Religiousfreaks.com and that should solve it.

Second, I would like to thank Gabriel Levicky for submitting some of his original cartoons to us. You can view them here or just look on the sidebar under the new Cartoon Madness section which leads me to the third item.

Thirdly, I have enjoyed the cartoons so much that I have created a special home for them on the sidebar. After receiving Gabriel’s cartoons, I thought it would be a great idea to take submissions from everyone. If you have any original cartoons that you would like to share by name or anonymously, please use the contact page to set something up with me!

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for making Religous Freaks a success thus far. The amount of positive feedback and comments are a pleasure to read and quite inspiring. Of course I have received some negative feedback which is to be expected with a site like this. But I am amazed at how little negative mail ends up in my inbox. And surprisingly, no direct death threats as of yet…. let’s keep our fingers crossed that this streak continues :)

Anywho, enough rambling on for now. As always keep the comments flowing and submit any ideas you may have to me via the contact page. I love hearing from you!


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