In our first episode of Priests Gone Wild, we travel to the beautiful country of Ireland. Known for its Guinness beer and acclaimed musical acts like U2 and Riverdance, we find Ireland to be the perfect setting. Now add a few Roman Catholic Priests, some  innocent children, and bingo bango you got yourselves a real party!

"The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Dublin published a report Wednesday that says 102 of its priests — more than 3.5 percent of the total — are suspected of sexually or physically abusing at least 350 children since 1940, the biggest such admission to date in Ireland." In addition to the toll on the kids, it has cost the archdiocese $7 million in lawsuits and is expected to rise considerably because there are 40 cases remaining. So next time your in church, remember to put a few bucks in the offering plate to help out the Catholic church and all the good it does.

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