In yet another blow to unIntelligent Design, scientists have discovered the fossil of an ancient creature that is the missing link between ocean and land dwelling animals. Tiktaalik, or fishapod, is about nine feet long and was found in the Canadian Arctic on Ellesmere Island. "Fishapod dates from about 383 million years ago. It had the scales, teeth and gills of a fish, but also a big, curved rib cage that suggests the creature had lungs as well. The ribs interlock, moreover, unlike a fish’s, implying they were able to bear fishapod’s weight—an unnecessary trait in a fish. It had a neck—most unfishlike. And, most surprising of all, its pectoral fins included bones that look like nothing less than a primitive wrist and fingers."

While opponents of evolution will surely be skeptical, this is irrefutable proof that Darwin’s theory is not only holding up, but thriving under the scrutiny. Scientists didn’t just stumble upon this fossil while camping in the Arctic. They made a series of predictions of what they needed to find and where it would be located based on scientific evidence and theories. This has happened countless times in the past and will continue to happen in the future.

Religious folks may not like the idea of Evolution, but with every discovery that scientists make, they look more ignorant and naive. What I find interesting is that many religious people only find humanity to be special because God created it. Therefore, to say that God didn’t create man is to say that we aren’t special. I look at it from another perspective. I find the universe and everything within it to be extraordinary. Whether it was created in the Big Bang or by God, it doesn’t matter.

Just my $.02

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