A few days ago Playboy opened up shop in Indonesia with it’s rather tame magazine. Muslim hardliners were quick to embrace it and threw a huge street party to express their joy. Several hundred members of the Islamic Defenders’ Front gathered in Jakarta at the Playboy headquarters to celebrate by throwing rocks at the office. It appears that all the initial issues were sold out immediately, leaving many aroused Muslim males with nothing to finish the "job". The black market offered up some relief by providing copies of the magazine. But at three times the going rate, many Muslim men were once again hung out to dry. The Red Cross Crescent is looking at options to bring in more magazines to avoid a catastrophe. If you have any old issues of Playboy, Penthouse, Jugs, or similar magazines, please contact your local Red Cross Crescent to arrange for a pickup. We can’t stand idle while thousands of sexually deprived Muslims go hungry.



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