While browsing the net, I stumbled upon this little nugget of tastefulness. Northwest Nazarene University, a Christian university in Idaho, calls all of its teams the Crusaders! I scanned their site and it looks like it applies to both male and female teams as well as all their various sports.

I know that the word, "Crusader" doesn’t necessarily apply to the Crusades of the 11th through 13th century. Even the school has admitted that the name is questionable.  The board of trustees said, "… attempt to redefine the "Crusader" to identify more contemporary uses of the term that do not associate with the crusades of the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries." But look at their logo. It has the classic set of armor from that period… priceless! Their original intent was to portray the Crusades.

Honestly I find is absolutely hilarious and acceptable. After all it was a part of history and therefore fairgame. Yea, I know what your thinking, that’s incensitive and insulting to Muslims. Well you have a point there, but think of the other various teams that could exist…

  • Kabul Killers
  • Baghdad Car Bombers
  • West Bank Bulldozers
  • Berlin Gassers

The list goes on an on. If you come up with any, go ahead and add them!

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