God took out out some pent-up anger Thursday when he sent a typhoon through Asia killing scores of Asian men, women, and his personal favorite, children. The death toll stands at 50 and over 1 million displaced.  The reasoning behind this remains a mystery, but many speculate China was hit for their support of Iran. Others feel Japan was targeted for their support of the United States. However, nobody knows why the Phillipines was hit, but some speculate it was payback for Imelda Marcos.

God couldn’t be reached for comment. More than likely, he’s off somewhere drunk with power causing trouble or planning his next attack on humanity. It’s anybodys guess who’s next, but I can bet it’s either the Europeans or the Americans. As a matter of fact, word on the street is that God told Pat Robertson that the Northwest coast in the US was next on his list. Only time will tell.

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