Kenneth Lay, shocked by a guilty verdict for his part in the Enron scandal, turns to God for solace. Before the verdict was read, Lay bowed his head, closed his eyes, and appeared to pray as the jury entered the courtroom to deliver the verdicts that could send him to prison for all of eternity.

If God does exist, I’m sure he wouldn’t be too happy with Lay for screwing hundreds of employees out of their retirements and turning their lives upside down. What I find amusing is how people like this break out the God crutch to help them cope. Be a man, and accept your punishment. You brought this upon yourself so you need to deal with it yourself. No magical god is going to snap her fingers and make it all go away.

Lay was heard saying the following to his family upon receipt of the verdict,

God’s got another plan right now.

Yep, God sure does have another plan for you. Plan on meeting your new wife Bubba. Plan on meeting the Tossed Salad Man. Plan on not seeing your family for a long time. And plan on spending your golden years in a prison cell.

About an hour after the verdict, Lay, gathered his group of supporters in a corner of the nearly empty courtroom to hold hands in a circle and pray, lead by a pastor from the Baptist church he has long attended. Lay told his supporters,

We’ll all come through this stronger and more reliant on God.
God will answer prayers.

God already did answer prayers… the prayers of all the lives you help destroy. He should be absolutely ashamed of his actions and the only words he should speak to God are apologetic ones. What a real piece of work he his.

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