If you have any clue as to what’s going on in the world right now, then you’re aware that a clash of cultures is taking place. I am of course referring to the ever escalating conflict between Muslims and Western society. By Western society I mean the United States and Europe. Over the last several years, the level of violence between Muslims and Americans/Europeans has sky rocketed. There have been riots in France and Australia, massive unrest caused by the Muhammed caricatures, and of course the war in the Gulf.

Now, I lack the knowledge and desire to cover this matter in any great detail. The reasons for this conflict are complicated and well beyond the scope of this article. As with many conflicts though, the root cause is usually differences in faith, culture, etc. This is one is no different. Any fool can tell you that there are many differences between Muslims and Westerners. The way women are treated, how and who we worship, sexual freedoms, gay rights, etc. Many Muslims believe the US is a sexually immoral society where women dress/act like whores, homosexuality is acceptable, and taboo forms of sex are permissible (i.e. the good ole backdoor).

Muslims are proud of their strict beliefs as they feel it gives them the moral high ground. Look at most Muslim countries and you will see the same patterns. Women are to be covered outside from head to toe. Homosexuality is strictly forbidden and even punishable by death in countries like Saudi Arabia. As for taboo forms of sex (i.e. the good ole backdoor) don’t even think about it.

But are Muslims and the rest of us that different behind closed doors? Are they truly against those things or is it just a show to please Muhammed and the clerics? Well it’s difficult to tell since I have little insight into the Muslim culture, but there is a tool we can use to take a peek inside. As with Western societies, Muslims are online in huge numbers and surfing for topics that interest them. And this is where we can get a glimpse into their interests.

Google has a tool called Google Trends and is free for anyone to use. Go ahead and click it as it will open in a new window. Essentially, this tool allows you take a word or phrase and see the search volume for it with respects to countries and/or cities. Go ahead and type in something like "Christmas" then click search. On the results page click on ‘region’ below the graph to display the top 10 countries that searched for "Christmas". Not surprisingly, you’ll see the UK, Ireland, and the US rounding out the top 3.

You’re thinking, wow that’s just great gasmonso, but what’s the point? Well, at the top of the page type in a different word like, "sex" and click search. Look at the results and you’ll notice that 6 out of 10 are Muslim countries with Pakistan leading the way followed by Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. It gets better, type in "anal sex" and you’ll see the top 2 spots belong to Saudi Arabia and Turkey! How about searching on "fuck", you’ll see Iran and Pakistan way ahead of  everyone on this baby! Go ahead and do another one, "ass fuck" and you’ll notice Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran in front of everyone except Greece of course ;)

What does this mean exactly… well I’m no scientist, but there definitely appears to be a lot of interest in those subjects amongst Muslims. My guess us that many are extremely curious on the subject matter because they’ve been taught early on that it’s forbidden and evil. That of course makes it all the more appealing.

In the end, I guess Muslims are just a bunch of perverts like the rest of us :) Seriously though, I believe you can’t keep natural feelings/desires down forever. It’s only a matter of time till we see gay pride parades in the Middle East and women dressed like American "whores".

I hope you found this interesting and play around with the tool a little bit. If you find any interesting or crazy results, please share it with the rest of us!

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