God was certainly busy this holiday weekend as he unleashed yet another slew of devistation upon Indonesia, his favorite target. Having used a tsunami last time in December 2004, God’s weapon of choice was the good old dependable earthquake. For maximum effect, God struck early in the morning at 5:54am while most people were sleeping in their beds. God succeeded in catching everyone offguard and the results were complete chaos and destruction. Over 5000 people, many of whom were kids, were killed instantly. Over 150,000 were left homeless, and thousands lie injured.

Many Indonesians are demanding to know why God keeps targeting their already distraught and beleaguered nation. Some so-called "scientific" people speculate that is was a "natural" disaster, but we know better. The only reasonable explanation that I can see is their recent acceptance of evil western ideals. Obviously God is angry at Muslims and is using Indonesia as an example to others.

Needless to say, we are powerless against the Almighty and his arsenal of super-powers. Some argue that early warning systems and better building codes are the solution. But the truth of the matter is that God will just strike back with more force and vengence. He could just as easily send an asteroid, or a volcanic eruption. The only true solution is more prayer and bigger churches.


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