Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that was developed over 4,000 years ago as a means to spiritual enlightenment. Ok, so I simplified things a bit, but you can get the complete scoop here. The important takeaway from here is that you understand it is deeply rooted in Hinduism. It was only brought to the United States in the late 1800′s by Hindus.

Well all that is set to change if Christians like Kristy DiGeronimo and organizations like Christian Practicing Yoga get their way. They are part of a growing trend to infuse Yoga with Christianity, their favorite narcotic. Kristy felt drawn by the Lord himself to take yoga and meld it with Christian principles.

I felt led by the Lord to take yoga.

Kristy wasn’t always a yoga fanboy though. She said that as a Christian, she used to be weary of yoga. "I thought it’d be inviting some spirits in that were not the way I wanted to go." She’s not alone either. According to the Rev. Peter E. Prosser, who is both a priest at Galilee Episcopal Church in Virginia Beach and a Christian history professor at Regent University’s divinity school says,

Yoga is designed to bring you into a spiritual realm of demonic powers.

But Kristy got around that little problem by redefining yoga. She now calls yoga a philosophy that offers tools, such as meditation, which dovetails with any religion. Yet there is also a backlash by some Christians who say yoga in any form is a slippery slope toward paganism and destructive spirits.

When I read this I couldn’t help but be reminded of my favorite woman, The God Warrior… when she ranted about how the family she was with was dark-sided because they were spiritual and not Christian. Priceless.

Aren’t all religions just different paths to the same destination? Seriously folks, we’re all headed to Disney… just getting there on different flights.


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