On a stormy Monday afternoon, Clara Jean Brown stood in her kitchen and prayed for the safe return of her family from a trip to the beach. Millions of prayers are made each and every day all over the world and God is but one man, or woman, or thing, whatever. God doesn’t have time to answer everyone’s prayers and that’s just the reality we live in.

But this day would be different for Clara as God was listening quite attentively. Upon completion of her prayer, Clara said "Amen" like a good Christian should. It was at that instant that God responded by sending a bolt of lightning from the heavens and into her kitchen, sending Clara to the floor in a daze. And to add insult to injury, her day-old brownies that lie innocently on the stove were destroyed! Oh the humanity.

Luckily, God was just playing around. Clara was uninjured and her faith strengthened by the greeting. She exclaimed, "I’m blessed." But not with common sense my dear, that’s for sure.

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