Today supposedly marks the day of the beast, so what better time to introduce my latest creation, Psychic Freaks. If you’re interested in psychics, Ouija boards, ghosts, or anything paranormal, this is the place. You can read about my personal experiences, and submit your own to share with everyone!

Now it’s been pointed out to me that I have fallen off the deep end. I am approaching my new site from the other end of the spectrum. I take the position that paranormal phenomena does happen based on my own experiences. While I don’t believe it is related to religion like some readers have mentioned, I do acknowledge that it places me in a "freak" category of sorts and that was done purposely. I enjoy the opportunity to approach a subject like this from the other end. As stated in the comments, it is easy to sit here and rip apart religion, but sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to further your knowledge and challenge yourself.

So after you’re done here reading about make-believe stuff like God, Jesus, and unicorns… come on over and take a look at the real supernatural ;)



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