A lawyer for the Wiccans argues that state tax exemption on religious items and publications like Bibles should be deemed unconstitutional. The Wiccans argue that this violates the First Amendment’s clause that prohibits state’s sponsored religion.

Now there is reason for the Wiccans to be bitter. They were once covered by that exemption, but lost it on a technicality. They did not own a place of worship as required by the Department of revenue. This could just be a case of revenge on the Wiccans part. But this got me thinking about the larger issue.

I think all tax exemptions for religious organizations should be outlawed. The reason for this is simple. Churches take up such an enormous amount of real estate in communities. These churches are by in large exempt from property taxes. This means that in your community, all the residents, including you, have to make up that difference. In my rather small suburb of 15,000, there are 10 churches! Why we need that many I don’t know, but they take up some prime land that would generate enormous amounts of tax income. That revenue would ease the burden for the rest of us. And yes, we pay a lot in taxes so it would make a difference. Why should I have to pay for the presence of 10 churches?

Now I realize that churches aren’t the only entities exempt from taxes. Other institutions like hospitals, schools, etc are as well. But these provide real services for the community and are considered a necessity. You need these in a community for it to function properly.

I know for sure that if the churches disappeared in my town, nothing would change. The sick would get treated, kids would learn, and life would go on. People could still worship in churches if they wanted to, but they would just have to pay taxes. The people that frequent churches could pay the taxes for that church via donations. If there is little support from the people, than why should that church exist in the first place?

I’d like to hear your opinion on this matter. Am I on to something or just a religion hating lunatic?

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