Christian girls at the Millais school in West Sussex England claim they are being discriminated against for their faith in Christianity. Well to be exact, it’s their choice of jewelry. Several Christian girls have chosen to remain chaste and are wearing a purity ring to symbolize this mistake choice. Sounds simple, but the school has a strict policy towards jewelry,

This is not part of school uniform and MUST NOT BE WORN.

It would appear that the school has an open and shut case. But the girls claim that it’s unfair because Muslim students can wear their hijab and Sikh girls can wear their bangles. The hijab is head scarf, not jewelry, so leave them alone. Hijabs are not listed as inappropriate in the school’s uniform requirements. But the bangles are basically bracelets and would appear to violate the school’s policy towards jewelry.

When I read stories like this I can’t help but get seriously annoyed at both the stupid girls pressing this issue and the school’s draconian Nazi policies. First off, these girls have no right to wear these lame rings as per the school’s dress code. Furthermore, the desire to wear them in the first place is psychotic. Great, so you want to be a virgin, why the hell do you have to share that choice with us? It’s a very personal decision and doesn’t need to be shared with anyone but your unlucky boyfriend. Honestly, I sort of appreciate the "I don’t go all the way" warning label, but seriously, nobody really cares.

As for the Muslims being able to wear the hijab, guess what, it’s not jewelry! As for the Sikh’s wearing their bracelets, I don’t believe it. I mean seriously, when’s the last time anyone saw a Sikh outside of India? But assuming you’re not lying, I say it’s messed up. But it’s still not a valid argument to wear your rings. It’s a valid argument for Sikh’s NOT to wear their bracelets. So now you’ve just screwed the Sikhs over. I hope Sikhs are nice because they’re going to be pissed that you blew their gig.

Sorry for the rant, but this meaningless stuff just annoys me to no end. Mind your own business and keep personal issues personal! Am I nuts?

Complete story here.

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