Three sisters in Iverness, Scotland had what is quite possibly the most insane insurance policy known to man. For fear of being impregnated by God and left to raise the Christ child alone, they had a policy with Essex-based to pay them £1m just in case. This would cover the basics like clothing, food, and such. But with college fees on the rise, one has to wonder if that would even be enough to cover a decent education. Then there’s all the incidental fees like toys, car seats, vacations, etc. The list just goes on. Anyways, back to the story…

There were other issues to contend with as well. The Catholic church didn’t like this idea at all. In fact, they caused a furor over the policy and eventually got the insurance company to drop it, leaving the women at the mercy of God. But why would the church do such a thing?

Just think if Mary had this kind of insurance back then. She could have raised Jesus in a better neighborhood, then maybe the Romans might not have killed him… meaning that he wouldn’t have died for our sins. Oh I’m on to something… then the scam that is Christianity wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. They wouldn’t have become so popular and they surely wouldn’t have influence over millions of people.

Uh oh, I think I uncovered something I shouldn’t have. Time to write a book :)

This gem of a story was brought to my attention from Ithika over at The Broken Hut. Thanks!

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