Jews for Jesus New York SubwayIn an attempt to annoy innocent subway riders and Jews all over New York, the Jews for Jesus organization launched a massive assault on common sense and decency. With a war chest of $1.4M for the month, the confused Jews purchased 42 illuminated panels in several subway cars and in the Times Square station. Although their choice in colors was respectable and quite nice I might add, many passengers weren’t pleased. Sarah Stevens from Brooklyn said, "Those people are so annoying, but I’d rather have these ads than have them stop me on the street." Not surprisingly, Jews didn’t warm up to the idea of accepting Jesus as their Messiah. Michael Miller, vice president of the Jewish Community Relations Council had the following to say…

If even one member of the Jewish community is enticed by these ads, that would be tragic.

I guess I’m a little confused over this whole issue. Ever since Jesus existed, Jews haven’t seen him as the Messiah. Then suddenly ~30 years ago, a fanatical group says otherwise? This just speak volumes for religion in general. They have absolutely no foundation for their message, yet thousands of people believe it. Now imagine 2000 years from now… it could be one of the most popular religions of that time. Yes I do have a point and it is this…

All the major religions have been around for a long time from several hundred to several thousand years. It is because of that time that these religions are perceived as real. If something has been around for hundreds of years then it must be real! Clearly people wouldn’t believe in something for so long if it weren’t true. And this is where I find this story interesting. If Jews for Jesus keeps preaching the same story for a long enough time, I think it has a good chance at going mainstream and being accepted.

After all, the main reason religion survives is that it is passed on from one generation to the next through parents to their kids. Kids grow up believing what they are taught and thus it continues unabated. Look at Santa Claus. Every kid in the universe believed in something so ridiculous because we were told to. The only reason we stopped is because we found the gifts in the closet or someone else let you in on the scam.

What do you think?

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