praying kidsHaving recently covered Christian Evangelical summer camps, evolution, and creationism; I found this story quite fitting. The Christian Camp and Conference Association says about 3 million kids every year attend a science curriculum about God’s Creation at one of their camps.

One of those camps is the Timber-lee Christian Center in East Troy, Wisconsin. Here, kids are treated to the Science Education Center where they stroll through the seven-room creation walk, enhanced by a trained guide, automated narration, and visual effects and get an idea of what might have occurred when God created the Heavens and Earth.

The icing on the cake though is brought to us by Karen Good, the outdoor education director at Timber-lee…

 "The curriculum is designed to open their eyes so when they go back to school [and hear about evolution] they say, ‘Oh, that sounds goofy!’ "

Goofy? Is she serious! What I’d like to know is what does one see in a creationism exhibit?  Everyone thats been to a museum knows what an evolutionary one looks like. There is a somewhat detailed roadmap as to how man evolved from ape and spread across the globe from Africa. There are actual carbon-dated fossil remains to back it up. Now let’s take a hypothetical walk through Karen Good’s seven-room Creationism exhibit. There’s really no need for seven rooms. *POOF* There’s Earth… *POOF* some light… *Allakhazam!* the seas, *BLAMMO* some creature, and alas *KAPOWEE!!* man and woman!

It really is quite simple and I fail to see the science involved. Seriously, how are they teaching kids this? It is nothing more than a fairy tale that has absolutely no evidence and relies on magic to support it. There is more evidence of ET than there is of creationism. I truly believe that parents are doing their kids a disservice in teaching this is a viable theory. Seriously, take a look through Genesis and give it a good read. It is mythology at its best and that is why people of a religious nature need to have faith.

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