abused childIf you’re a child in New Zealand, start running because Family Integrity is after your little behind. Fed up with the government intervening in a parent’s right to beat smack their children, Family Integrity, a Christian organization, has taken the offensive. Their goal is to put child abuse smacking in a positive light and clear up any misconceptions that one may have.

You see, spanking is not some hateful, archaic form of  discipline to make up for a parent’s lack of parental skills. No, actually quite the opposite is true. Family Integrity see’s spanking as something quite different.

Spanking is an expression of love, commitment and responsible parenting toward the child’s best interests.

guide to smackingFamily Integrity has even put together a nice little guide to smacking your evil little heathen. It’s in a nice compact wallet-size so you can take it anywhere! All this talk about smacking is getting me excited. Time to go find my oldest and put this to the test. I think it’s time to go ‘express my love’ for a good 10 to 15 minutes! Praise be to God!

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