Just a little update for everyone…

I have simutaneously launched a fun slogan contest and a more serious logo design contest with a $100 prize. It should be fun so please head on over if you’re creative and wish to help out :)

Some of you may have noticed that I have sold my first spot of advertising on the upper-left column to Infidelic Rational Radio. It’s a great site that I’ve frequented for about a year now. They do an outstanding job and I appreciate them supporting Religious Freaks so please support them.

I have begun work on my first major project for the website. The purpose of this project will be to challenge people of all faiths (including Atheists) to question their own beliefs in hopes of promoting a better understanding and respect of one’s faith. The details will follow once I iron them out. To all those who have helped thus far, thanks!

Occasionally I receive messages from people who are upset with me for what I write since it tends to be rather one-sided. If you are interested in writing about your chosen faith in a different light, then please contact me. I encourage anyone, whether a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or whatever, to step up. If you have something interesting to offer (commentary, story, etc…) I will gladly offer the front page to you. Just contact me ahead of time to agree on a topic.

I just want to thank everyone who has contributed to the site in one way or another. It’s great to see people from all backgrounds and faiths coexist here under one roof without killing each other or me for that matter :)

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