Sean DietrichA few days ago I received an email from a rather soft-spoken musician named Sean Dietrich. He had some kind words to say about the site and wanted to share his music with everyone. Ah Ha! I thought… This is nothing more than a sales pitch. I went to his website to check it out and was somewhat impressed. Sean offers all of his music for free. I have listened to several tracks and it is obvious that he has is inspired to play. Of course I am somewhat jealous of anyone that can play instruments and sing :)

Sean draws on our good ole friend Jesus for inspiration as is evident from songs like "I Wanna Be A Christian" and "All I Need Is Jesus". But what’s kind of surprising is his sense of humor with respects to Christianity in the song, "Just Plain Nuts".

While I don’t enjoy Christian music on any level, I can certainly appreciate Sean’s passion that manifests itself in his work. Even if this type of music doesn’t interest you, take a look at his site, read his blog, and listen to the music. Sean is certainly an interesting person and has something positive to offer… and that’s always a good thing, regardless of your religious preference.

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