Armor Of God PJsChristian kids have a lot to worry about these days. First, you have a war with Islam to deal with and that whole mess. Then you have the homosexuals trying to get equal rights and evil scientists wanting federal funding for stem cell research. I mean seriously, the US can’t afford stem cell research. We can barely afford two wars. And let’s not forget about creationism being attacked. Now add in the upcoming Rapture and it’s no wonder kids can’t sleep at night!

Luckily, the brilliant Christian freaks over at Armor of God PJs have the solution. They say it best..

The whole Armor of God Pajama set will help your children to depend on God to protect them from their fears, doubts, and uncertainties at night so their sleep can be restful and peaceful.


Why this site gets under my skin so much I really can’t say. For some reason it just pushes my buttons. On one side I am filled with laughter at the shear stupidity of these costumes. But on the other hand, it fills me with anger knowing that parents are indoctrinating their kids with this garbage. Instead of telling your kids to depend on God, how about instilling in them some self-confidence. How about taking on the role of your child’s protector yourself.

My kids aren’t scared of monsters or any of that crap because I was always there in the middle of the night when they had nightmares… God wasn’t. When my kids were frightened by a strange noise, I was there… not God. My kids have learned that their home is safe and secure because I’m there… and mythical creatures don’t exist, including God.

Now that makes for a restful and peaceful sleep.


Thanks to Matt for bringing this to my attention!

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