Heaven's Thrift ShopJust when I thought Sunday comics couldn’t get any worse, along comes the piece de resistance… “Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop.” This strip is the creation of Kevin Frank who claims that the goal of this comic is to simply remind people that there is a God and that he loves you.

Awwww, isn’t that nice of them. You know I almost forgot about God except for the fact that it’s printed on my currency, displayed in public buildings, and on every street corner in America in the form of churches. And don’t forget about our President always mentioning him in speeches. And then there’s a legal battles over creationism in public schools. Other than that, sure… you would hardly know about God.

Christian Guy Gilchrist, creator of "Your Angels Speak" had this to say,

But I want the angels to be accessible. Hopefully people that are afraid of organized religion or questions of faith can find this and possibly consider that there is a God or a higher power.

Earth to Guy, we’re not AFRAID of organized religion, we’re just sick and tired of you pushing it on us and trying to drive public policy. All we ask is that you keep religion to yourself and if anyone is interested in it, they’ll pop in a church and inquire on their own. As for considering there is a God, well I have… and I found there to be a lack of sufficient evidence.

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