Over the last few years, the US has been struggling with the public adoption of religion, specifically Christianity. With everything from prayer in public schools to removing Ten Commandment monuments from public buildings. There’s gay marriage, intelligent design, "In God We Trust" on the currency and so forth. The list goes on and on as I’m sure you’ve seen on my site and on the news. There has been no end to the feuding and it has only resulted in a more divided and oppressed country.

Many nations, especially Europeans, have laughed openly at the US for this very matter. Well that time is over my techno-listening, multilingual, not-as-obese-as-Americans, peace loving, equal rights supporting European friends. Yes, you’re days are numbered too. The Fourth Reich is looming over the horizon and there’s little you can do. Nope, the US isn’t going to save your butts this time.

It should be no surprise to anyone that once again Germany is to blame… more specifically German chancellor Angela Merkel. After a closed meeting with the Pope, Merkel unveiled her plan for a better European Constitution.

We spoke about freedom of religion. We spoke about the role of Europe and I emphasized the need for a constitution and that it should refer to our Christian values.

Nothing says religious freedom like carving Jesus in to the EU Constitution. I’m sure all the Muslims, Jews, and Atheists will support this one.

Good luck Europe and welcome to the club :)

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