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gasmonso Returns, Albeit A Little Hungover!!

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, but I decided to take a little trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting :) I have a huge backlog of comments to cach up on and emails to reply to. I’ll try to tackle that today, so hang in there if I haven’t replied. As [...]

Muhammed Has Spoken!

Hey everyone, I received the responses to your questions from Muhammed this weekend. I posted the answers in a new section called, Just Ask! You can read more about that when you get there. Muhammed answered 10 of your questions and left some unanswered because he had to leave for a few weeks on vacation. [...]

Happy Gai Jatra My Fine Hindu Friends!

Hindus all over Nepal are celebrating the festival of Gai Jatra, the procession of the cows. Over the next week families that have lost a loved one will march through the streets leading a cow. Of course if a cow isn’t available, a young boy dressed as one will suffice. Hindus believe that the cow [...]

Just Ask Muhammed

Since publishing the Muhammed caricatures February, let’s just say I haven’t been in the good graces of Muslims. I received many death threats, tons of hate mail, and messages I couldn’t even read, nor care to. But in the end there was one Muslim, ironicly named Muhammed, who has contacted me not to voice anger, [...]

Wafa Sultan

Many people have contacted me about Wafa Sultan and her fiery interviews on the Al-Jazeera (Fox News for the Middle East) network. If you’re not familiar with her, then you are defintely in for a treat. Wafa Sultan is a secular, Syrian-American psychiatrist who resides in Los Angeles, California. Sultan was born in Syria in [...]

Evolution Schmevolution!

While I sort out the 10,000 comments from the Fairy Tale Museum post, have a look at this outstanding clip from the Daily Show. A while back they did a 4 part series on the battle of Evolution vs Creationism in the US. What I found facinating was their coverage of the John Scopes Monkey [...]

Common Sense And Christianity

Another Christian comes down with a case of the common sense. Reverend Gregory A. Boyd of the Woodland Hills Church in St Paul, Minnesota caught it a few years back and hasn’t been the same since… luckily. Rev. Boyd preaches to some 4,000 members of the church every week and spreads a surprising message… well [...]