In what can only be seen as another Islamic attack on the West, thousands of Islamic ninjas laid waste to several British hospitals over the weekend. Hospital staff were taken by complete surprise as the turquoise colored warriors blended in with doctors and patients alike.

Ok, so I may have embellished a little bit on the details. And maybe they weren’t really ninjas. Well, ok.. they didn’t really attack the hospital either. But I had a few of you going I can guarantee that much :)

On a serious note though, I do find this story a little fascinating. Honestly, I think the garbs are somewhat stupid. You’re going to a hospital to get treatment for an illness and that’s what’s important. So what if a doctor can see your ankles when he’s going to be looking at your insides potentially? I respect a Muslim woman’s desire to follow her religion’s rules, but it’s getting to a point where they are so intolerant that they want others to change to conform to their needs. What’s next? Islamic hospitals?

I’ve been in the hospital a few times and there were crucifixes in my room. Did I go running to the staff to have them removed? Did I take them down and threaten lawsuits? No, I accepted the fact that I was in a religious hospital and just went about my business. I was on their turf so I played by their rules. It’s that simple to me.

Doctors say that many women do not show up for vital operations because they fear the procedure will mean them breaking strict Islamic law."

What is wrong with these people? And I mean that in a sincere way. The first law of any person’s life should be to stay alive and healthy. To hell with any religion that endangers it! That’s just ignorant. Christians are guilty of this if I recall correctly. I remember hearing of some who are against transplants and other medical advances. And you know what… fine! It’s better you don’t get treatment and just disappear. That’s Darwinism at work. Hopefully you didn’t reproduce yet and pass on your "stupid" gene.

Just absurd. Anyone disagree? Because I’d love to hear it.

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