christianityThe University of Edinburgh in Scotland is planning to ban Bibles from its student residence halls. This was in response to student protests that the Good Book is discriminating towards non-Christians. Last year, the school banned prayer at graduation ceremonies.

This of course triggered massive protests by Christians all over Scotland. Revival FM, a local Christian radio station, called the proposed ban discriminating against Christians. Ian Dunlop, chairman of the station declares that this ban…

flies in the face of everything that we stand for here in the U.K. as a nation standing for freedom and tolerance.

Now on the surface this does indeed appear to be potentially discriminatory towards Christianity. But upon closer inspection, the school isn’t really banning Bibles, just the placement of Bibles by the University in the rooms of new students.

This issue, to me at least, seems like a very simple matter. It is not the University’s job to purchase and distribute Bibles to persons who may or may not be Christian. Hell, why don’t they also provide students with free copies of their textbooks :) By supplying Bibles, and not other religious texts, the school is in fact discriminating towards people of other faiths. They are imposing Christianity on its students.

Now of course you can easily throw the Bible away, but you can just as easily bring your own. The University’s job is to educate people through an approved curriculum and not to proselytize. That is the role of family, friends, and churches.

I look forward to many arguments on this one :)

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