a long siesta, Jesus is back and worse better than ever.  Where’s he been for the last several hundred years? That is unknown, but what is known is fascinating. Jesus is now 60, a former heroin addict that did time in the big house, and on his second wife. His name is now Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda or simply Jesus Christ Man and he lives in South Florida.

His message has changed since the old days, but nonetheless it is very appealing. Jesus is now preaching a message of "freedom to indulge" because there is no sin, no devil and no hell to pay! Woohoo!! He said the devil was killed 2000 years ago, so we’re in the clear. The message is clear, make lots of money and indulge in all things material. In the words of Jesus himself…

"I don’t have one Rolex, I have 3 because they want to give it to me. It’s like that woman that came to Jesus with the expensive perfume and put it on his feet. He didn’t reject it, so when someone gives me a watch or a gift, I receive it. I like them too, they’re nice."

It’s no wonder that Jesus has amassed a large following. From his home base in Doral Florida, Jesus commands a small army at his Growing in Grace Ministry which he also calls “God’s Government On Earth. Jesus reaches out through his 350 centers worldwide and via cable/satellite television.

Think it’s a joke? Think again. This has Jonestown written all over it if you ask me. Feel free to stop by one of their centers, but please… don’t drink the kool-aid.

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