Christianity symbolSix years ago, 3 Christian Indonesian militants orchestrated a series of attacks on Muslims that resulted in between 70 and 200 deaths. This violence was part of a larger wave that spanned several years and took the lives of more than 1000.

The three men – Fabianus Tibo, Marianus Riwu and Dominggus da Silva were tried, convicted and sentenced to death. After a few years of appeals and even an intervention from the Pope, the three men were put in front of the firing squad this morning.

As a result, thousands of Christians began rioting today in Sulawesi Indonesia to mark this horrible injustice. Mobs torched cars, looted Muslim-owned stores and freed hundreds of inmates by breaking the jail’s main gate. In addition, machete-wielding mobs ran through the streets of Flores sending women and children running.

Praise Jesus!

Picture to come as I find them.

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