christian crucified sudaneseShout out to Boris for this crazy ass story!

Damare Garang was only a child when his Sudanese village was attacked by Muslim soldiers. He was captured and sold as a slave to a Muslim family in Tuobon, Bahr el Ghazal where his duties were to tend the master’s camels.

One day a camel escaped and Garang was reprimanded. The following day, Garang, having been raised Christian, snuck out to attend service at church. When he returned, his master demanded to know where he was and the boy foolishly said he was at church.

His master became furious and headed off to the barn. When he returned, he was carrying a large board, some rusty spikes and a hammer. According to Voice of the Martyrs, the following event transpired…

"The savage brutality of the master was unleashed as he proceeded to drive the long nails through Damare’s knees and then nail his feet securely onto the board."

Now I report this story for a few reasons. First, is there slavery going on in the Islamic culture? Second, is it possible this story was fabricated by this Christian organization to create a larger divide between Islam and Christianity? Was it basically a tool to draw people away from Islam to Christianity?

For some reason, the story just seems a little fishy, but I can’t put my finger on it.

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