A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I covered Penn Jillette’s piece on NPR entitled, There Is No God. It recently grabbed the attention of Lord Spanky and this is what he had to say. I offer you the complete unedited commentary and would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

Begin Commentary:

The sad fact of the matter is that most of what I’ve heard on this forum, both from believers and non, are all blind assumptions. I wish I had come across this forum sooner, though maybe I can contribute a little wisdom now. A belief in God or not should always begin at the beginning. Logically, it is the best place to start, and what does that mean? Why do we exist? I read earlier that someone brought up evolution on the subject of empathy, and no one questioned it! Let’s get away from assumptions, shall we? You want to talk science, let’s do it.

FACT: None of you here can prove evolution. No one can, and no matter how much you hate it, it’s still a theory that is NOT standing up to the test of time. As time progresses, more and more flaws are being found in Darwin’s theory, which he himself denounced on his death bed, but no one wants to admit that, do they? If you dig down into the earth to look at the fossil record, you will find that the deeper you go you actually find remains of MORE complex organisms, not less, until it just suddenly stops. Explain this to me, please? Evolution just got a big hole in it. If anyone on this board can explain to me how the human eye EVOLVED, feel free. Why would a random mutation cause a hole to form in the front of our eye, if there was nothing in the back to detect the light, form an image, and send that information to our brains? And why, if there was no pupil to allow light through, would receptors have formed at the backs of our eyes? Answer? That’s not even all of it! The scientifically accepted chaos theory shoots holes all in evolution.

FACT: Science contradicts itself, not the Bible. Anyone can twists words in a text, but I don’t have to twist anything when bringing up the previous point of chaos theory and evolution. Science tells us that the earth is billions of years old, but sedimentary data in river deltas and other areas only suggest thousands. Carbon dating has been proven inaccurate time and time again, and yet all of you accept what you hear on the discovery channel, yes? Why? How is that so different from my accepting something that I read in a book that is FAR older than a television?

FACT: Christianity is the only organized religion in the world that has such explicit prophecies concerning end times in it. As far as it being “creative interpretation”, how does that apply when Christ Himself says that natural disaster in the end times will increase in number and severity? Hmmmm…that could be interpreted a lot of ways, couldn’t it? Please don’t debate about a book you’ve never read, it only makes you look ignorant.

FACT: Miracles happen. Yeah, I just said that. BobbyG mentioned experiences that I’m sure you were all so anxious to hear and shoot down, so I’ve got some of my own for you. Feel free to criticize, because you can’t disprove them; I’m the one with documentation. I have seen a blind girl healed. I was at an Arkansas Youth Camp, and there were about 500 of us (teenagers) there, and our sermon had been about the supernatural. We were in a worship point in our service and a youth leader went to the DYD (District Youth Director) and told him that she wanted to be healed. I tell you that I spoke with her before this happened, and afterward. Today she can see perfectly, she could not then. A friend of mine had twisted, in fact nearly fractured, her ankle that same week of youth camp, and on Tuesday night she came in from the hospital to the service, having been whisked away from the camp when the accident happened. She had a splint on and was on krutches, and was supposed to be for two weeks. She literally sprinted out of the sanctuary that night. Those are only a few examples from my youth.

You see, you all talk about abstract things like emotions and a sense of right and wrong, but how can you respond to physical evidence in a physical world? To Log, how is it “cheap” to admit that I’m too weak to handle a given situation and trust it to higher hands? You look at the order of the universe, the fact that the sun rises everyday, and tell me that there is no God? The Bible says that He will harden the hearts of the wicked and foolish. None of you have yet to present any evidence as to God’s non-existence, only assumptions. By the way, Jay, you offered so much insight after bashing everyone else’s logic. Please don’t try to be the “smart guy” anymore. You had nothing tangible, either. That seems to be what you all want, right? Something solid? Some proof? Well, here you go. I haven’t seen any of you come up with any.

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