It is time to add yet another chapter in the Muhammed caricature saga. Once again Danes lead the way as their People’s Party youth wing is caught ridin’ dirty. The People’s Party is the 3rd most popular in Denmark. You can read more about them here. The videos are available at the end of the article.

It started back in 2005 when Martin K, in association with Wooloo Productions and Defending Denmark, joined the youth faction of the Danish People’s Party. His job to was to study the party and gain a better understanding of their right wing associations. To do this, Martin attended various party meetings over the course of 18 months and videotaped what he could.

In September of 2006, Defending Denmark wanted to confront the Danish People’s Party with the information and video that Martin had acquired. Upon having their entry denied, Defending Denmark gave them one last chance at talks. When they refused, Defending Denmark posted some of the video footage for the entire world to see.

The videos depict what was essentially a cartoon contest among party members. They drew cartoons of a camel wearing the head of Muhammad and beer cans for humps. A second drawing placed a turbaned, bearded man next to a plus sign and a bomb, all equaling a mushroom cloud.

As expected these videos have been taken off most web sites including YouTube. Fortunately I have obtained all four videos. They will remain on this site as they are necessary to understand whatever fallout the Islamic community will unleash.

But more importantly, I want a discussion around this issue and not just a bashing of Denmark and Muslims. Should Muslims see these outlashes at Muhammed as a cry for discussions on Islam and integration and acceptance in Europe. Or should Muslims react the way they have in the past so it doesn’t happen again. Is there more to these cartoons than just the act of insulting a "prophet"?


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