Peter Kimani and Jennifer Wairimu, a very brave yet ignorant couple, decided to visit a mosque. Besides being non-Muslim and in Kenya, what could possibly go wrong you ask?

Strike 1: They were highly intoxicated.
Strike 2: It is the month of Ramadan.
Strike 3: They were indulging in pleasures of the flesh.

A worshipper heard "strange" noises coming from a dark corner of the mosque and contacted the authorities. The couple was immediately taken to jail and slapped with an 18 month sentence! Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

At their hearing yesterday they pleaded with senior magistrate John King’ori, claiming that they thought the mosque was a lodge. King’ori promptly dismissed their plea saying that what they did was…

a most abominable thing to religion and only a custodial sentence can add justice to this.

While I agree that it was disrespectful, they had not intended to insult Islam. Furthermore it wasn’t even a violent act… unless they were in to that sort of thing. But seriously, 18 months? Give me a break… or better yet, give them one. Just silly.

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