apple store kabah Muslim websites are reporting that a devious plot to undermine Islam is underway right this minute in New York. Islamic agents have uncovered a building (an Apple store) that clearly ridicules the Ka’bah, the most sacred place in the world for Muslims. They are urging all Muslims to stop this blatant structure as it is clearly an insult to the religion of Islam.

rubiks cubeMuslim agents were quick to realize that the plot was much deeper than expected. It has been in progress for several years, maybe even decades. It spans all cultures and almost every household in the US. What they found was nothing short of astonishing.

nintendo game cubeTake for example the Rubik’s cube, obviously an attack on Islam. Or how about the Nintendo Game Cube? Still not convinced? Then have a look at a pair of "ordinary" looking playing dice! What about the Mac G4 Cube? Think that’s a coincidence? I highly doubt it. And then the biggest and most barefaced piece of evidence is America’s one and only Ice Cube.

ice cube The facts speak for themselves. Any questions?

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