Hey everyone I would like announce another new section called The Truth For Youth. In this section I hope to garner support from the entire religious freaks community to deal with critical issues accurately. So many religious sites spew propaganda that really distort the facts and mislead the public. This is my attempt to correct that.

The first issue on deck is one that crops up all the time on this site and many others:

Was the United States of America founded as a Christian nation?

To answer that interesting question, Sidfaiwu has stepped up to the plate and provided an answer. Please have a read and share your comments. The purpose of this section is to find a definitive answer, but this will only work with the help of everyone. Here’s how you can help:

  • If you find errors, please report them in the comments section and leave a reputable source backing up your claim.
  • If you feel something was looked over, please share that with us.
  • If you have any other comments, please share them with the community!

Having said this, the section is under construction and will change frequently until I am satisfied with it. I will be posting more issues that need to be covered and looking for volunteers to tackle them.

Stay tuned, this is only the beginning :)



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