ru-486 pillIn my previous article about Muslim cabbies, someone mentioned how long till a Muslim pharmacist denies a woman the ‘morning after’ pill. For those who are unfamiliar, this pill basically prevents a pregnancy from occurring. It’s meant to be taken the day following your sexual encounter.

I wondered how long it would be till this actually occurred. In the states we have seen this already with Christian freaks, but not with Muslims. Well the wait is over and you can thank the UK for this one. A Muslim pharmacist at Lloyds Pharmacy denied a 37-year-old woman the pill in Thurcroft, Rotherham. When she asked why, she was told that the pharmacist was a "deeply religious Muslim".

The woman’s response was quite appropriate when she said,

It’s my choice, not his. It’s his religion, not mine. He’s a dispensing chemist and his job is to dispense drugs.

What’s even more fascinating about this is that he was completely in the right on this, at least in a legal sense. There is a "conscience clause" in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain’s ethic code, saying:

It states that if supplying the morning-after pill is contrary to a pharmacist’s personal, religious or moral beliefs they are entirely within their rights not to supply it.

How long is it till a Catholic clerk won’t sell condoms to a customer. How long is it till a Jehovah’s Witness won’t sell birthday candles to a customer. Oh the humanity!

As far as I’m concerned, your personal beliefs do not trump those of others. Your personal beliefs are just that, personal. I would not tolerate someone else judging my actions under any circumstance. It’s highly unprofessional and utterly rude. I honestly don’t believe one can argue against me on this one in any logical sense. I welcome anyone to try.

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