british gay police association adBefore I get started, yes there’s such a thing as the British Gay Police Association. Go ahead and get the laughs out… There ya go. Ok, can we move on now?

Back in June, the GPA displayed this ad in the British Newspaper "The Independent". The goal was to claim that there was a 74% increase in homophobic incidents and that they were explicitly due to religious beliefs, namely Christianity. This of course sparked outrage from the Christians. But there’s more to the story.

What’s missing from the article is proof. They don’t include actual numbers to back up their claims. Furthermore, it appears that 25% of those "hate" crimes were committed by Muslims according to a spokesman from the GPA. So was it fair?

I have to side with the GPA on this one. Christians and Muslims alike have been targeting homosexuals for years. Religious groups have held them responsible for just about everything that is wrong with the world. From AIDS to the loss of family values and everything in between. JFK assassination, yep it was the gays. Global warming… gays again. Our dependence on foreign fossil fuels, you guessed it… gays.

Christians have fought unremittingly to classify homosexuals as a lesser species, a mistake, or a freak of nature. They have tried to and are succeeding in not allowing them the same rights as the rest of us. The list goes on.

Now the Christians get a little tiny dose of their own medicine and they cry bloody murder. I find it absolutely absurd.

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