eruvHow I missed this one, I’ll never know. So thanks to The Right Reverend Rabbi Judah for the tip.

A group of Orthodox Jews in Los Angeles is trying to erect an eruv near a synagogue on Venice Beach’s boardwalk. An eruv is essentially a magic enclosure that allows Orthodox Jews to circumvent certain oppressive traditions within its confines. For instance, Jews are not allowed to perform some basic activities like pushing a stroller outside on the Shabbat, but slap together an eruv and you’re good to go. You can read more about eruvs here.

The proposal calls for several miles worth of 200-pound test fishing line to be strewn about the Venice Beach Boardwalk area. Typically in cities, eruvs are tied to existing structures like telephone poles, but a beach is quite different. The Jews suggest that the line be tied to existing lamp poles and signs. To fill the void in certain parts of the beach, 20-foot poles would be planted to provide the necessary connection.

Needless to say, many people are not too keen on the idea. Some are concerned about the poles being an eyesore, while others are concerned about the impact on local birds and their nests. Others find the use of public property for religious reasons troublesome.

orthodox jewsMy only beef with this issue is it’s utter stupidity and the willingness for Jews to tolerate it. They obviously don’t like the archaic rules, so instead of utilizing common sense and vanquishing them, they subvert them by finding loopholes in the system… as if that’s ok with God. Why can’t the Jews just admit that some of their traditions are outdated and just plain silly? For instance here’s a snippet from the article about a Rabbi’s concern for a family’s child who can’t go outside on the Shabbat:

We have a family with a child in a wheelchair and it’s not just getting to synagogue for her, it’s getting outdoors. It is a terrible thing for an 8-year-old.

So this kid is forced to stay indoors on Saturday because of some insane demand from God? Seriously, what the hell kind of God doesn’t want your wheelchair-ridden child to be outside, enjoying the glorious natural beauty that he supposedly created!

If there are any Jews reading this, please make me see the light.

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